Follow the order of nature, and then make use it for our health. BioGin has developed a series of Botanical Powder for various healthy applications, and we are one of the very first companies who have established a standardized quality system for Botanical Powder by TLC, HPTLC, HPLC, GC, MR technologies internationally. These advanced technologies are the quality guarantee for high-end healthy industries as Dietary Supplements, Cosmetic and Whole Foods.

In natural healthcare industry, it’s very important that how to get overall nutritional essence and bring us better healthy value from natural resources. BioGin has developed a Full Spectrum extraction and concentration technology, so that the products can be maintained and improved the original botanical nutrients. From ID testing for botanical resource to MR analysis for Botanical Nutrients, BioGin are serving customers efficiently by advanced and scientific technologies in healthy industry.

With the further research of Herbal Bioactive and the development of standardized Herbal Extract, now Healthy Industry is more and more prosperous. In BioGin there are over 30 experts who engaging in pharmaceutical chemistry, Nutrition and Quality, and there are over 100 Standardized Herbal Extract developed by them over 10 years. Some ingredients are more popular as Flax Lignans, Tribulus Protodioscin,Lemon Eriocitrin, Flaxseed Fiber, Epimedium Icaroside II, Safflower Tracheloside, Natural Alpha Carotene and etc.