What's NutraLemon™

NutraLemon is a new generation Lemon ingredient that is concentrated in Bioflavonoid with high quality Eriocitrin.

Flavonoids from Lemon Fruit (Citrus Limon) that exhibit beneficial effects on capillary permeability and fragility were once know as Vitamin P. 

Eriocitrin is a flavonoid glycoside present in lemon fruit. It has important antioxidant activities and powerful Lipid-Lowering effect and etc. 

Why NutraLemon™

NutraLemon™ is the first highly concerntrated and standardized source of Lemon Bioflavonoids and Eriocitrin, providing 15-40 times more than traditional Citrus Lemon ingredients. 

With NutriLemon™, you can add the benefits of Bioflavonoids and Eriocitrin to your products in a convernient manner—-and guarantee the Bioflavonoids and Eriocitrin concentration on your labels!

Healthy image of lemon

100% water soluble

Suitable for a variety of applications

Product Data of NutraLemon™

Botanical Name: Citrus Lemon

Plant part: fresh fruit

Assay specification:

Biofavonoids 20%Min/Eriocitrin 2.5% Min 

Biofavonoids 40%Min/Eriocitrin 5% Min 

Biofavonoids 80%Min/Eriocitrin 10% Min 


As a nutrient ingredient in dietary supplements,beverage,food and confectionary.

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