What CitrusForLife®

Citrus aurantium, also known as Bitter Orange or Seville Orange, is a plant used for medicinal purposes in China, South America, India and North America. 

BioGin, as a leading researcher and manufacturer for Citrus have extracted and separated many ingredients including hesperidin,Neohesperidin,Naringenin,Nobiletin and etc from Citrus aurantium fruit over many years. 

Why CitrusForLife®

These active ingredients (CitrusForLife, the trademark of BioGin’s series Citrus Extract) have positive healthy benefits and  has been widely used in many areas, such as Pharmaceutical, Supplement, cosmetic, health and food industries in many countries.

Proprietary biotechnology

High and stable quality products

Series Citrus Ingredients are suitable for a variety of application from various customers

Competitive cost

Product Data of CitrusForLife™

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium L.

Plant part: Fruit
Assay specification:
         Hesperidin 90%-98%
         Neohesperidin 95%-98%
         Naringenin 95%-98%
         Nobiletin 8%-98%
         Naringin 95%-98%
         Diosmin 90%-95%


As a active ingredient in dietary supplements,OTC and Pharmaceutical 

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