What's OleaLife™

OleaLife is a innovative polyphenols extracted from Olive Fruit. 

As a plant extract compounds, Olive polyphenols has many potential health benefits, while the powerful antioxidative effects mainly coming from the substance Hydroxytyrosol, Olive  Polyphenols has been widely used in many areas, such as cosmetic, health and food industries.

Why OleaLife™

The Olive Polyphenol comes in concentrations of 15%, 30% and 50%. Through osmotic extraction, we are able achieve a consistency of fine powder. 

During the purification process, different consistencies of olive polyphenol can be repectively obtained. 

High-quality Polyphenols

100% Water-Solubility and Low M.W

Suitable for a variety of application

How OleaLife™

As a nutrient ingredient in dietary supplements,beverage,food and confectionary.

Product Data
             Botanical Name:Olive
Plant part:
             Fresh fruit
Assay specification:
             Polyphenols 10%-50 Min.
             Hytroxytyrosol 2%-10% Min

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