Research of bioactive substances, and further promote the development of health industry and standardization BioGin has more than 30 nutrition and quality experts in more than 10 years has developed more than 100 standardized plant extracts, which is more popular in the international such as 40% SDG, 80% ALA, Eriocitrin, Flaxseed Protein, Icaroside II, Tracheloside, Natural Alpha-Carotene, etc is our earliest commercial development and to the international market.

Product NameSpecificationUsage/Applications
AlaLife® Flax lignans SDG4%-50% SDGAntioxidant
Andrographis Paniculata ExtractAndrographolide 10%-98%Anti-Cancer
Apple Fruit ExtractPolyphenols/Phlorizin 40%-95%Anti bacteria
Brocolife™ Broccoli ExtractSelenium 4-40PPM/Sulforaphanes 0.3%Anti cancer
Chamomile ExtractApigenin 1.2%-5%Anti cancer
CitrusForLife™6%-98% Synephrine; 90%-98% Hesperidin; 25%-80% BioflavonoidsBenefit cardioscular health
Cordyceps sinensis ExtractPolysaccharide 5%-40%Stimulate immune system
Epimedium Extract10%-98% Icariin(s)Increase sexual ability
Evodia rutaecarpa ExtractEvodiamine 10%-98%Stomachic tonic
Fenugreek ExtractProtodioscin 1%-10%Increase sexual desire
FlueBane™5%-99% Green Coffee Bean Extract Chlorogenic Acid(s)Antioxidant
Gardenia ExtractGeniposide 10%-50%Colorant
Giant Knot Weed ExtractResveratrol 20%-99%Anti tumor
Ginger ExtractGingerols 3%-10%Anti lipofuscin
Ginseng ExtractGinsenosides 20%-80%Improve immunity
Grape Skin ExtractResveratrol 1%-5%/20%-90% PolyphenolsAnti tumor
Huperzia serrata ExtractHuperzine A1%-5%Improve intellect
KudVones™ Kudzu Root ExtractKudzu Isoflavones 40%-80%Estrogen Supplement
Litchife™ Litchi Seed ExtractPolyphenols 10%-40%Antioxidant
Loquat leaf ExtractUrsolic acid 10%-90%Sedative
Lotus Leaf ExtractNuciferine 1%-5%Reduce blood lipids
Lucid Ganoderma ExtractReishi Polysaccharides 10%-40%Improve immunity
Marigold ExtractLutein 5%-80%Antioxidant, benefit eyesight
Mucuna Pruriens ExtractL-Dopa 10%-98%Antiparkinsonian
Mulberry Leaf ExtractDNJ 1%-5%Balance blood sugar
NutraLemo™5%-10% Lemon Bioflavonoid/2.5%-10% EriocitrinAntioxidant
Peony ExtractPaeoniflorin 10%-98%Antiinflammatory
Pomegranate Fruit ExtractPolyphenols/Punicalagins/Ellagic Acid 30%-90%Antioxidant
PropHealthier™ Propolis ExtractCaffeic acid phenethy ester 1%-10%Antibacterials
PstibeMax™ Pterocarpus Marsupium ExtractPterostilbene 1%-15%Antioxidant
RAstevia™ Stevia Extract70%-99% Rebaudioside-ASweetener
Red Clover ExtractIsoflavones 2.5%-40%Benefit women's health
Rhodiola Rosea ExtractSalidroside & Rosavin(s)1%-40%Improve immunity
Rice Bran Waxes ExtractPolicosanol 10%-98%Anti-fatique
Salvia miltiorrhiza ExtractSalvianolic B 5%-30%Antioxidant
Schisandra ExtractSchisandrins 2%-9%Antioxidant
Siberian Ginseng ExtractEleutherosides B+E 0.8%Anti tumor
Soy Bean ExtractSoya Isoflavones 10%-80%Anti aging
TeaYounger™ Green Tea extractGreen Tea Polyphenols 30%-98%Antioxidant
WheatLife™ Buckwheat ExtractD-C-I/Dietary Fiber/Flavonoids 5%-95%Hypolipidemic
White Birch Bark Extract95%-98% Betulin; 98% Betulinic acidAntiinflammatory
White Willow Bark ExtractSalicin 15%-98%Antipyretic
Wolfberry ExtractPolysaccharides 10%-50%Improving immunity