Life relies on sports, how to improve our fitness and sports endurance, are the key point we focus on. BioGin begins its research of high quality sports nutritional ingredients 10 years ago, from isolation to basic application research.

Now we have got a series of good effect sport nutritional ingredient products, such as DHA, Eriocitrin, Astragalus extract, Rhodiola P.E, for improving sports endurance. Ginseng extract, cinnamon extract, Maca extract, Epimedium extract, for rising fitness. Tribulus extract, Dew grass extract, Nettle extract, for improving muscle power.

Nowadays, more obese people than ever, how to manage the weight while enjoying the delicious food is the issue we all care about. There are a great deal of side effect of chemical synthetic products, so we are mainly considering to discover the ingredient for weight management from natural plant resources. 

Scientists of BioGin successfully developed a set of products for weight management after decades of unremitting efforts, as citrus and lemon extract, butterbur extract, green coffee bean extract, Dendrobium extract, Cactus extract, etc.

As the increase of age, more and more people got joint health problems particularly elders, BioGin have products to treat joint problems, as Flax lignans, safflower seed extract, alfalfa extract, carrot extract, etc.
With the age of growth, the increasing of arthritis health problems are more and more, especially at the groups of middle aged and old. BioGin’s natual products series, Flax lignans, safflower seed extract, alfalfa extract and carrot extract has quite excellent effect.

Natural, non-toxic and no side effects, good effects cosmetics are our target of aspired, and this is just coming from natural plant ingredients through scientific research and experiments. BioGin devoted to research and develop plant active ingredients, as Astragalus extract, lemon balm extract, white birch bark extract, lemon extract, olive extract, these herbal extracts have became hot spot of high-end cosmetics.