Ingredients overview

We are of the same with science and technology and innovation continued commitment to health industry to provide the correct component and formula of high quality, we are today some ingredients first commercial development companies or manufacturers in the world, such as 40% SDG, 80% ALA, Eriocitrin, Flaxseed Protein, Icaroside II, Tracheloside, Natural Alpha-Carotene, Natural Vitamin E monomer composition and so on, these elements have become or will soon become one of the main products are popular in the health industry, BioGin international earlier using HPTLC or DNA technology for raw materials science appraisal, and USES the full spectrum period of extraction and separation technology to keep one of the natural active natural products, pertaining to, Cosmetic, Whole Foods such as high-end health industry provides scientific quality guarantee, at the same time BioGin using natural products bring us more monomer compositions.