What's AlaLife® Flax Lignans

AlaLife® Flax Lignans is a standardized flaxseed extract with high quality of lignans-secoisolariciresinol diglucoside(SDG). 

Being phytoestrogens, AlaLife® Flax lignans may benefit on preventing and relieving menopausal symptoms, obesity, breast cancer, bone loss in women, precluding and treating prostate disease and hair loss in men. It may also manage plasma lipid ,help cardiovascular health manage body weight.

Why AlaLife®

Being phytoestrogens, flax lignans can weakly bind to estrogen receptors(ER) and interfere hormone metabolism as soya isoflavones.In addition, the ORAC analysis has proved that flax lignans have powerful antioxidant activity that 5 time greater than vitamin E. 

Flax lignans also have efficacy on weight management, plasma lipid management and cardiovascular health anti-tumor, muscle health, diabetes and kidney disease.The effect could be strengthened by combining with isoflavone.

High Quality SDG

Benefits for both Man and Woman's health

Strong antioxidant


Product Data of AlaLife® Flax Lignans

Botanical Name: Linum usitatissimum

Plant part: Seeds

Assay specification:4%-50% Flax lignans SDG


Dietary Supplements

Functional Food


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