About BioGin

BioGin is a leading manufacturer, researcher, developer, and marketer for nutritional ingredients, Food ingredients and pharmaceutical ingredients.  We work for many pharmaceutical companies, OTC, dietary supplement companies, the Functional Food and Cosmetic Industries worldwide.

Since 1995, BioGin has worked with a small government licensed Laboratory. We have researched, separated and purified the active ingredients found in traditional Chinese herbal remedies. The experience enables us to satisfy our customers to full extent by meeting all specifications and strict requirements.  Since 1998, we have applied our special techniques and processes to the industrial production of high quality natural products.

Today BioGin products have gained the trust of many customers for our high quality products, competitive prices and speedy services. As a result of our efforts, many people now live healthier and happier lives.

The good health of our customers is the cardinal rule of our business. Our model is HEALTH BEFORE PROFITS.

BioGin manufacture center is certificated with international authoritative GMP, HACCP, ISO, Kosher, Halal, the center include Standardized Botanical Powders production line, full spectrum production line, Soxhlet extraction production line, The central olumn chromatography production line, etc, annual production capacity over 3000MT.

BioGin’s proprietary technologies ensure high quality products. Entering into the twenty first century, people are paying more and more attention to health issues than ever before, and we are willing to pay a fair price for the best products available to ensure their good health. Because BioGin manages and controls the entire manufacturing process of its products under HACCP and GMP standards, from the harvesting, transportation and storage to extracting and packing of each product produced, BioGin has complete control of what is ultimately delivered to our customers. Each step in the process of producing herbal extracts, food additives and pharmaceuticals intermediates is fully controlled by our modern state-of-the art facilities, and every batch is independently tested and certified to meet our exacting standards, which is the highest in the industry.

The quality of BioGin's herbal ingredients is reflected in the number of certifications the company has received over the years. Some of the many certifications are:


·ISO 14001:2005       ·ISO 9001:2000  

·NSF-GMP            ·Kosher  

·HACCP             ·HALAL Certified

Our Pledge of Quality

Remember, when you use our products, they are designed for people for whom wish to have the best available on the market.